humpback wildlife art

The phenomenal talent for creating beautiful wildlife art and Renata’s love of pastels began at a very early age.

She has a great natural talent and is completely self-taught which has allowed her art to develop naturally over many years to the rich quality that it exudes today.

Renata’s passion drives her to capture the special and unique spirit of each animal, so much that the onlooker can often feel the energy of her chosen subject flowing through the finished work of art.

The textures and natural softness of the pastels are used to full advantage capturing the wonderful lifelike effects seen in all of Renata’s artworks.

Her love for wildlife and the natural world has led her on many research trips to remote areas of Australia and Africa.

Most recently swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga enticed Renata to become involved with a whale swim business, which then led her to becoming a qualified whale swim guide.

Through these amazing experiences with the whales and her love of water Renata has been truly inspired to capture these incredible mammals with her pastels where they are seen at their best … in the wild.

Renata has had many great achievements for her artwork, her talent was recognised from a very young age starting from when she was at school continually winning art prizes and from then on throughout her career.
Green Turtle (2015) Dimensions: 110 x 65cm Medium: Pastel

Renata creates her artwork from her home over looking the pacific ocean (where she often sees humpback whales swimming by during their migration) in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.